Monthly Archives: August 2007

Compete Blog Included on AdAge Power 150

AdAge recently released their Power150, a list of the top media and marketing blogs, and the Compete blog comes in at number 32. A few other noteable friends of the Compete blog that make the list are Web Strategy by Jeremiah, Search Engine Land, and Seth Godin’s Blog, which takes the top spot. We are proud to be included in a list of such influential blogs. Check out the list

Celtics Get Kevin Garnett, Relevance

Did the Celtics become immediate championship contenders when they traded for Kevin Garnett? Did they give up too much young talent to get one player in his 30s? Whether you like the Celtics trade or not, at least it gives them one thing that they haven’t had in a few years: relevance. The NBA is not usually the hot topic of conversation in early August (and especially not a team

Windorphins Rush Felt Throughout the Public Transit System

So I’m minding my own business one day on the subway and I noticed that all the iPod/iPhone/iWorld ads had been taken down (temporarily) and replaced by this weird multi color looking banner asking me if I had windorphins. Well the combination of thinking about endorphins and seeing weird colorful Dr.Mario-esque figures was compelling enough for me. I had to go visit the site just to figure out what the

Stealing Homer's Thunder?

The Simpsons is a pop-cultural paradox. The show retains its irreverence, while its broad commercial appeal should allow Fox marketing executives to leave the franchise on autopilot. Instead, to generate interest in The Simpsons Movie, Fox launched its second proprietary Simpsons site last year, Ahead of the movie’s release, the site’s visitor-count averaged 118% growth in May and June. Meanwhile, traffic to the established site,, dropped by 50%

SES: Compete will be there, will you?

Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference & Expo is the premiere search engine advertising conference and it is quickly approaching. SES will take place in San Jose from August 20-23 and Compete will be there. The Compete booth will be presenting the new Compete Search Analytics tool, which has received an overwhelmingly positive response (check out the reviews from SEOBook and WebMetricsGuru) while in beta. We will be looking for feedback

Decision 2008: How Committed are Republicans to their Candidates?

Yesterday we looked at the state of the race for the Democratic nomination for president by comparing the leading candidates’ success in using their websites to attract and nurture committed supporters. Today we’ll turn our attention to the other side of the isle and look at the GOP race. Based on national poll data compiled over at the top GOP contenders are: Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator John McCain,