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Press Release: Compete Breaks New Ground in Search Analytics

Pay-per-use model lets any marketer tap insights from 6.5 billion searches San Jose, CA. — Compete, Inc., a web analytics company that helps top brands improve their marketing with the online behavior of millions of consumers, broke new ground today with the launch of Compete Search Analyticsâ„¢, a Web-based resource that delivers the industry’s richest search analytics to novices and professionals alike on a revolutionary pay-as-you-go basis. The new service

Get Naked with Larry Weber!

As our blog has grown, (we’re one of the top marketing blogs according to Ad Age!), people have suggested that we start to interview the interesting folks that we interact with at Compete. So picking up on the Wired cover story on transparency earlier this year, today we’re launching our "Get Naked" interview series to give our readers a peek into some of the top thought leaders that are shaping

TECH cocktail Boston is teaming up with Zoominfo, Geezeo and North Bridge Venture Partners to sponsor TECH cocktail Boston on September 6 at Tequila Rain in Boston. It will be a meeting of the tech minds, augmented by lots of free drinks and contests. This is a great chance to meet, mingle and have fun with Boston’s growing tech community. The event sold out in just 24 hours, but don’t worry –

Red Sox and Yankees Rivalry: Which Team Wins the Internet Popularity Battle?

One of the most intense rivalries in sports is between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, and this rivalry goes beyond the field. We all know the Yankees have more World Series championships than the Red Sox, but who is winning the online battle between the two powerhouses? A team’s popularity is crucial; the more people that watch the games and show interest in the team, the

Saturn Aura Takes on Camry and Accord

In June, Saturn started a new marketing campaign inviting people to a local Saturn dealer to test drive the Saturn Aura and two dominant segment competitors, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. As part of their "Rethink American" campaign it is a bold, confident move, pitting the Aura against the automotive industries equivalent of Goliath. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this campaign. I thought all

Compete Vertical Wrap-Up: August 2007

Every month, the Compete Vertical teams take a deep look into issues effecting the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Wireless industries. These articles tend to be very industry specific, but provide good examples of how to leverage web metrics to measure consumer demand and behavior across various industries. AutoIntelligence — AUTOMOTIVE OEMS: LOSING GROUND TO THIRD-PARTY SITES Third-party automotive sites continue to grow in terms of both web traffic and

Social Networking Meets Music Sites

Social networking has continued to expand its empire, and music sites have become its latest victims. From January to June of 2007, the sites where listeners are able to listen to music and interact with other listeners for minimal or no cost, such as and, have had a noticeable increase of unique visitors over sites where there is little interaction with other listeners, such as and

We're at Gnomedex

If you’re at Gnomedex, do let us know. We would *love* to catch up with you!

Webkinz: the next Club Penguin?

Last week, I was blown away to hear that Disney was acquiring Club Penguin for $350 million dollars with an option for the price to top $700 million over the to next couple years. Sure, I had heard of Club Penguin but $700 million, really? For those of you without kids at home, Club Penguin is a snow-covered virtual world where tweeners between the ages of 6 and 14 play

PS3 vs. 360 vs. Wii: Oh What a Difference -($100) Makes

Gamers have said it. Sales have proven it. Heck, Compete even showed it pre-launch: $600 is too much for a video game console. In July, Sony finally recognized this widespread belief and dropped the price of its 60gig PS3 to $500 last month. This certainly hasn’t caused stock boys across the world to dust off the PS3 surplus with any sense of urgency (and probably won’t), but could $499 be

July Search Market Share: Growth Continues for MSN

Funny story "¦ last month I was traipsing around the Caribbean on vacation when it was time to post the monthly search market share numbers. I asked if Steve Willis would cover the post for me. Let the truth be told, Steve is the real expert when it comes to our search data. Anyway, I figured last month would be the same old story. I had no idea that this