Chrysler Makes Changes, Eyes the "Next 100 Years"

Are consumers ready for the next 100 years? Perhaps, but it seems that Chrysler is. In very short order, Chrysler managed to become privately owned, recaptured its Pentastar image under the new "Chrysler LLC", launched an all-new Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and surprised the industry with the announcement of its new "non-automotive" leadership. Initial consumer reaction was captured by Compete in its Velocity metric that measures change in daily attention. Velocity on increased over 100% around the announcement of the new Powertrain Warranty and kept climbing through the period of time when the new Chrysler and its new leadership, CEO Robert Nardelli, were introduced.

If attention is the measure of success, we can call this one a success.

So"¦..where did this attention come from? Has Chrysler managed to capture interest from consumers that visit rival websites? One way to answer this is to look at the "overlap" of visitors who went to a rival site and also visited Chrysler, Dodge or

Compete specifically looked at key rivals of interest, Toyota and Honda, and found positive results for the new Chrysler. An average of 16% more visitors to also went to Chrysler, Dodge or from June to July; the increase from Honda visitors was even better — 20% month-over-month.

The next logical question is will it inspire these consumers to actually consider purchasing a vehicle from the "new Chrysler"? I guess the next "100 years" will tell.

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