Red Sox and Yankees Rivalry: Which Team Wins the Internet Popularity Battle?

One of the most intense rivalries in sports is between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, and this rivalry goes beyond the field. We all know the Yankees have more World Series championships than the Red Sox, but who is winning the online battle between the two powerhouses? A team’s popularity is crucial; the more people that watch the games and show interest in the team, the more revenue a franchise can generate. To compare the popularity between the two ball clubs, let’s look at the traffic to each team’s official website starting with April 2004.

Key Findings

  • If you add the monthly unique visitors since April 2004, narrowly edges out – 25,842,280 to 25,747,282.
  • In October 2004, hosted 1.4 million people as the team won its first championship in 86 years.
  • Despite having a population that is 1/14th of New York City, Boston fan support is on par with their arch rival’s.

State by State Analysis
With Boston’s population so much smaller and monthly unique visitor counts so high, my first thoughts were that the Red Sox must have a wider national fan base. So I decided to look at this baseball season’s traffic to and state by state. had more total monthly unique visitors in 39 states this baseball season. The historical data from the previous section shows that playoff time traffic to these two sites can change dramatically, so who knows what this map will look at the end of October. As a Red Sox fan, I hope to see a lot more red.

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