Social Networking Meets Music Sites

Social networking has continued to expand its empire, and music sites have become its latest victims. From January to June of 2007, the sites where listeners are able to listen to music and interact with other listeners for minimal or no cost, such as and, have had a noticeable increase of unique visitors over sites where there is little interaction with other listeners, such as and

The site with the most traffic in 2007 is, which has such features as creating your own profile, creating your own playlist, sharing playlists with friends, blogging. It also offers the option of posting your playlist on several social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc., another site that has been gaining significant ground over the year, allows members to personalize updates and features, and visitors can view other listeners’ playlists and watch music videos for free.

In contrast,,, and have all dropped in UVs since January. These are all pay sites, except for, which offers only free music. However, the extent to how much listeners can personalize their players and adapt it so others can easily view their music is limited. Will these sites be able to keep up with the growing personalization fad? Stay tuned"¦

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