July Search Market Share: Growth Continues for MSN

Funny story "¦ last month I was traipsing around the Caribbean on vacation when it was time to post the monthly search market share numbers. I asked if Steve Willis would cover the post for me. Let the truth be told, Steve is the real expert when it comes to our search data. Anyway, I figured last month would be the same old story. I had no idea that this and this is what I was leaving behind. Blink for a second and the world changes! Well hats off to Steve who did some great analysis and actually ended up putting together two great posts.

So what’s the big question that should be on everyone’s mind this month? Did Club.Live work? If Club.Live did what it was supposed to do then all those games should have turned people into loyal Live search users. And if this month’s market share for MSN/Live is any indication then I would say something’s working for them. MSN/Live query volumes were up nearly 18% month-over-month and market share rebounded to year ago levels. Keep in mind for this analysis we have excluded all Club.Live queries. So that means we’re looking at pure search growth beyond any additional gains from Club.Live. If I know one thing it’s that you should never ever count Microsoft out.

What about everyone else? It turns out that July was a big month for search. Total search queries among the US online population increased a little more than 3% from June. The rising tide managed to help out everyone but Ask. In addition to MSN/Live, Google and Yahoo! both saw monthly gains in query volume as well.
Google squeaked out another few points of market share pushing it to an all time high. Perhaps the law of big numbers is starting to kick in for Google? Unfortunately for Yahoo!, the volume gains weren’t quite enough to keep up to its peers, with market share dipping slightly again in July.

So to recap "¦

  • MSN/Live is way up in the second month of Search Club Live
  • Google continues upward but at a slower pace
  • Yahoo! continues to struggle even when things seem to be better
  • Ask "¦ well "¦ I’m not really sure if "The Algorithm" wants to know about July’s search share results

* Search market share includes web search only and is calculated based on unique queries within each session during the given month.

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