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Top 25 Colleges and Universities Online

The college football season started last night and looking at all the top 25 rankings inspired us to make a ranking of our own. So in the style of the college football rankings, we present the Top 25 Colleges and Universities Online. ITT Tech runs away with the top spot. It’s tough to compete with over 90 campuses nationwide. University of Michigan comes in second with a very strong showing,

In Wiki-Politics, Ron Paul Leads the Field

At this time during the run up to the last presidential election, Wikipedia was in its infancy. In July of 2003, the online encyclopedia attracted less than half a million US visitors. Fast forward four years. In July of 2007 over 41 million people, or 1 in 4 people online in the US, visited the site. Wikipedia is now the 12th most visited website and is likely to play a

Chrysler Makes Changes, Eyes the "Next 100 Years"

Are consumers ready for the next 100 years? Perhaps, but it seems that Chrysler is. In very short order, Chrysler managed to become privately owned, recaptured its Pentastar image under the new "Chrysler LLC", launched an all-new Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and surprised the industry with the announcement of its new "non-automotive" leadership. Initial consumer reaction was captured by Compete in its Velocity metric that measures change in daily attention. Velocity

Wikipedia Top Articles: School's Out For Summer

In May, we highlighted top Wikipedia articles, showing that a little more than a quarter of the top 100 articles (based on the number of visits in April) were dedicated to research, with the rest focused on pop culture, TV, music and sex. An interesting analysis the original post didn’t touch on was the wide variance in traffic to top articles when comparing total visits vs. total time spent. While

Compete's Best-In-Show SES 2007 Awards

Compete’s booth at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose captured the attention of many SES attendees this week. In addition to jaw dropping demos of our new Search Analytics, thousands felt the rush with free cans of Compete-branded Energy Drinks. But Compete wasn’t the only one popping eyeballs at SES. Here we present the Compete Best-In-Show 2007 SES Awards to celebrate our fellow exhibitors who impressed us with their awesome

The Roaming Gnome vs. The Negotiator

Amidst the increasingly competitive world of Online Travel Agencies, an interesting battle has emerged between two unlikely spokespersons: Priceline’s Negotiator and Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome. In recent months this skirmish has moved to a new Web 2.0 arena – MySpace. In June, Priceline announced they would join their competitor with the release of a dedicated MySpace page. Since this announcement Priceline’s Negotiator page has captured more unique visitors than Travelocity’s Roaming

How to find 'at risk' customers before they switch

Here at Compete we analyze consumer behavior online, and as part of that we look at specific consumer segments to understand how their behavior differs from the general population. In the wireless world, we look at a number of segments including existing customers who are checking out competitors. These at risk subscribers, or "˜pre-churners’ as we call them, are a critical segment in the saturated wireless market. Looking at the

Inc. Magazine: Compete is America's 824th Fastest Growing Private Company

Inc. today ranked Compete, Inc. 824th on its first-ever Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country. We are honored and proud to be part of such a successful group of companies! Much much more to come! Complete information on this year’s Inc. 5,000, can be found at The methodology behind the Inc. 5,000 To be considered for the Inc. 5000, a company must be privately

Free Ticket to sold out TECH cocktail: We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an interesting SnapShot to the contest for a ticket to the sold-out TECH cocktail party in Boston. Here is the winning submission! 5 (of 7) Deadly Sins This entry takes an interesting and funny look at Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Sloth, and Pride. Summer is the down time for Sloth (Cliffsnotes), while Pride spikes (HotorNot). Lust is consistent throughout (Playboy), Greed (TheStreet) is volatile, and Gluttony

The Beckham Effect: Putting the MLS on the American Sports Radar

David Beckam’s move to America and Major League Soccer has received both praise and criticism – and then some. It seems like you can’t turn on the tv without seeing Posh and Becks. Critics of soccer in the U.S. are quick to point out that even though there has been overwhelming exposure of one of the world’s most popular couples, only a portion of that has actually been related to

Top Stocks Searched; Search Activity at Popular Stock Market News Sites

Measures of volatility, anticipated earnings and a dozen other ratios are all meant to help finance professionals foresee the next trend in the market. But these figures are all based on completed transactions. Burton Malkiel argued, that they predict the future about as well as a blind monkey throwing darts at the WSJ (random and less hilarious). Perhaps ‘extra-transactional’ data, such as prospective investor behavior, would help analysts better link