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Netflix's Watch Now Tops the Online On Demand Movie Market

As we know, stands on top of the online video rental industry. Using U.S. monthly unique visitors as a proxy for subscriber-base, and thus overall success, Netflix currently doubles the closest contender, However, when you are atop any e-commerce industry you cannot become complacent. The second you loose your innovative edge you will become obsolete like the ’07 Yankees (oh snap!). Back in January, Netflix released its Watch

Let freedom (from credit card interest) ring!

Okay, I could have inserted just about any burdensome topic into the parentheses above because when it comes down to it, Americans prefer freedom. Sometimes we want the noble freedom, like our forefathers, of choosing our own destiny and sometimes, like 3 year olds, we just want freedom from any and every imposed restriction. The credit card study we just finished provided yet another example (or two) of how we

Decision 2008: Grass Rooting for Dollars

Only 500 days remain until Americans choose their next president. This race promises to be the most wide open in a generation and the costliest ever. For all but a couple of the 20+ announced GOP and Democratic candidates, the crusade will end by early February after the results of a tidal wave of primary contests are known. This past weekend marked the end of the second quarter dash for

Most Shopped Cars in May – Gas Prices Driving Hybrid Shopping?

It is no surprise that a look at the top-10 vehicles consumers shopped in May were dominated by vehicles offering hybrids or better fuel efficiency when you consider gas prices reached an all-time high of $3.19/gallon in May. Out of the top-10 vehicles shopped, six of them offer hybrid models. If May shopper data tells us anything, it appears that consumers shopping hybrid models strongly relates to gas prices. This