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If Clicks Were Votes – Democratic Candidates

Yesterday I posted about traffic to the websites of the top Republican presidential candidates. Today it’s the Democrats’ turn. So, following the same procedures, here’s a look at level of interest by state, as measured by the total number of visits to each of the top Democratic candidate’s sites over the past six months: Hillary Clinton Clinton sees huge amounts of traffic from the northeast, where states like New York,

The Compete Blog Is the People's Blog

When we put up yesterday’s political post, we anticipated someone mentioning Ron Paul, specifically that we neglected to include him in the analysis. But 12 comments in 18 hours deserves attention. So by popular vote, Ron Paul can now add "Analyzed in the Compete Blog Topic" to his long list of accomplishments. Let me preface this with an explanation for why he was left out in the last post. The

If Clicks Were Votes – Republican Candidates

The 2008 Presidential election is still over a year away, but the campaign is in full swing. While it’s still far too early to make any predictions about who will win the nominations, we can gauge public interest pretty easily by looking at traffic to each candidate’s website. And with the help of some nifty mapping software that my colleague Max Freiert recently purchased, we can track those traffic patterns

Compete Vertical Wrap-Up – July 2007

Every month, the Compete Vertical teams take a deep look into issues effecting the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Wireless industries. These articles tend to be very industry specific, but provide good examples of how to leverage web metrics to measure consumer demand and behavior across various industries. AutoIntelligence — The Configurator: Building More Engaged Prospects Most OEM websites offer consumers the ability to configure vehicles online. This functionality enables

IMDb: Transformers, Wizards and John McClane

There is no shortage of resources on the internet for movie-goers, but even as new sites pop up nearly every day, nothing competes with the old standby; For about as long as I have been using the internet, IMDb has been my one-stop-shopping for everything movies (well, aside from my Blockbuster online account). With everything from new release news and reviews, to cast lists, to trivia (guess how old

Where DO we spend our time online? — The Compete Attention 200â„¢ for June 2007

With imitation being the highest form of flattery, Compete’s been getting quite a few compliments from the competition lately. In late March, comScore introduced "visits" to their stable of analytics and Nielsen//NetRatings just announced a "total minutes" metric. As the internet has evolved, technologies like online video, and AJAX have made these new types of metrics a necessity in measuring online behavior. And that’s exactly why Compete has been offering

Check out the June data now on Compete Site Analytics!

June data is now live on Compete Site Analytics!

June Search Market Share Update: MSN still up without ClubLive

There’s been a lot of discussion out there about the spike seen from Live this month. As I said in the original post, this only matters if Microsoft can turn this traffic into actual search users. I was curious to see what the numbers would look like if I eliminated the searches originating from the Live Search Club, and this is what I got for the market share: And the

June Search Market Share: Big Surprise from MSN

Our readers have had several questions regarding the June Search Share, specifically MSN/Live’s increase and we have posted an update, showing the numbers without the ClubLive traffic. Check it out! Google finally has a competitor join it in the (until now) exclusive, positive-year-over-year-growth club. MSN/Live increased their query volume by 67% from May, and 48% from a year ago. Search volume was up all across the board in June and latest to leverage Compete's API

After opening up Compete’s API, we turned our focus outward to engage potential partners to work with the Compete API. The efforts are starting to pay off with several implementations that have gone live in the last few months. Today we are pleased to announce that Compete statistics are now featured on ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo delivers a single site for quick and easy access to in-depth information on industries, companies, people, edges out heavyweights Wikipedia, Feedburner and Technorati

On June 27th, Compete won the award for “Best Content Search Engine” for Compete Site Analytics at Searchnomics! We were up against the good folks at Wikipedia, Feedburner and Technorati. Other winners of the Searchnomics Inaugural Search Engine Website Awards honoring leadership, outstanding achievement, and innovation in the search engine industry were: Best Media Search Engine: YouTube Best Emerging Search Discovery Engine: StumbleUpon Best Social Search Engine: LinkedIn Best Overall