For the Love of Dog! Er… Cat!

Remember how your best friend went out to buy a dog just so he could get more attention and more dates? What better way to meet people? Forget walking the dog 10 times just to see the hot blond down the street – instead, create a profile for your dog on!

One of the fastest growing pet sites and"¦ who knew?.. a competitor (albeit small) in the cluttered social networking space, boasts close to 200K users per month, keeping pace with, a canine merchandise site and surpassing and, general dog portals.

Dogster web promotions have been successful in driving people traffic to as seen above, but the increases have yet to persist. Their sister site,, has not seen the same spikes, but is still popular due to all the meow lovers out there. And really, you can’t herd cats, but you can post for them!

Dogster traffic spikes were a result from the 24-hour Dogster & Catster video playlist challenge in December 2006 and the 2007 Next Web Awards which took place over April and May.’s inclusion in The Next Web Awards 2007 social category for "˜most promising and upcoming services’ was not a stretch. Although dogster did not win, it certainly held its ears high in the average stay category, competing against "˜up and coming’, entrenched, and dark horse!

Maybe average stay is competitive for (and because it is just so hard to type with a paw, its takes longer? Um, ok "¦ it’s those darn photos? The networking? Let’s see "¦

It is your turn to check out or! Don’t do it for me, do it for Mistral, Charlie, Cassius, Coco Bean, Turks, Caicos, Sasha and Bubbles!

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