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When we put up yesterday’s political post, we anticipated someone mentioning Ron Paul, specifically that we neglected to include him in the analysis. But 12 comments in 18 hours deserves attention. So by popular vote, Ron Paul can now add "Analyzed in the Compete Blog Topic" to his long list of accomplishments.

Let me preface this with an explanation for why he was left out in the last post. The data we looked at was averaged, or totaled over the last 6 months. Ron Paul’s campaign – at least on his official site – didn’t really start gaining momentum until April of 2007. As a result, the data gives more weight to candidates that established and promoted their sites early on. If you look at the entire time period, Ron Paul received less total traffic than the other 4 candidates, and in the interest of length, we left him off the list.

Above is the breakdown of total visits by state for over the past 6 months. While other candidates saw extensive support in a particular state, Ron Paul appears to have a more even distribution. While Paul’s campaign has been gaining momentum rapidly, over the 6 month period, he did not win any 1 state in terms of traffic, so our "Most Viewed Republican Candidate Websites" chart in the previous post does not change.

As the 2008 presidential race continues to ramp up, we will continue to dive deeper into political data"¦and we promise that Ron Paul will be involved as long as he’s a contender.

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