If Clicks Were Votes – Democratic Candidates

Yesterday I posted about traffic to the websites of the top Republican presidential candidates. Today it’s the Democrats’ turn. So, following the same procedures, here’s a look at level of interest by state, as measured by the total number of visits to each of the top Democratic candidate’s sites over the past six months:

Hillary Clinton
Clinton sees huge amounts of traffic from the northeast, where states like New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are nearly entirely filled in. She also sees significant interest from southern states, including Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas, as well as strong showings in Florida and California.

John Edwards
The most noticeable strongholds for Edwards are his home state of North Carolina and the rust belt states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The former Vice Presidential candidate is also getting a lot of attention in Iowa, whose early caucuses have traditionally been crucial to Presidential campaigns.

Barack Obama
Interest in Obama is spread far and wide, with serious displays of strength in most regions of the country. The Illinois Senator sees huge interest from his home state and throughout the Midwest, as well as impressive showings in Texas, California, and Washington.

Bill Richardson
Traffic to Governor Richardson’s site lags that of his Democratic opponents, with his one pocket of relative strength being his home state of New Mexico. If this map is any indication, Richardson might be better off angling for running-mate status.

What it means at the Convention
Again, following yesterday’s gameplan, we allocate delegates to candidates based on the number of people visiting from each state. That gives us:

Obama-mania sweeps the nation and Barack easily wins a majority of the delegates. Clinton makes a strong showing but can’t win without California and at least one other state in her column. Edwards and Richardson quietly ride off into the sunset.

So what happens in a showdown between Obama and Romney? At this stage it’s really no contest. The Democratic candidates currently have a massive edge in interest and intensity among Internet users:

But Moonbats, take caution before you pop the cork on the champagne. It’s early, and these are people visiting websites, not going to the polls. As for you Wingnuts out there, looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. But take heart: most of the landslides in the past 30 years have gone your way.

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