IMDb: Transformers, Wizards and John McClane

There is no shortage of resources on the internet for movie-goers, but even as new sites pop up nearly every day, nothing competes with the old standby; For about as long as I have been using the internet, IMDb has been my one-stop-shopping for everything movies (well, aside from my Blockbuster online account). With everything from new release news and reviews, to cast lists, to trivia (guess how old Harrison Ford turned today"¦ 65), it has all the movie info that I want to know in one place (and yes, I did want to know how old Harrison Ford is).

It seems I am not alone in my love for IMDb; it had over sixteen million unique visitors in June and has had over fifteen million UVs every month since January 2006. With a few highly anticipated (and even more highly hyped) releases coming out in late June/early July, I wondered which one was getting the most IMDb love.

  • Transformers traffic more than doubled as anticipation rose before the July 3rd release.
  • Harry fanatics have been hitting IMDb in droves for months looking for news about the Order of the Phoenix.
  • Live Free or Die Hard did see UVs nearly double last month, but the totals were significantly less than the other two blockbusters. This is especially surprising when considering this was the only one of the three movies that was actually released in June (on the 27th).

Although Transformers edged out the fifth installment of the Harry Potter series by a mere 1600 UVs to take the top spot in June, I suspect the July numbers will show us what Draco Malfoy has known for a while — no one gets the best of Harry.

*UV numbers were tallied by using to the main page for each movie

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