Where DO we spend our time online? — The Compete Attention 200â„¢ for June 2007

With imitation being the highest form of flattery, Compete’s been getting quite a few compliments from the competition lately. In late March, comScore introduced "visits" to their stable of analytics and Nielsen//NetRatings just announced a "total minutes" metric. As the internet has evolved, technologies like online video, and AJAX have made these new types of metrics a necessity in measuring online behavior. And that’s exactly why Compete has been offering both of these, for free, months before anyone else.

In February we introduced the Compete Attention 200â„¢, the two hundred sites that received the largest share of online Attention among US internet users, in the month of December 2006. Based on the share of total time of time U.S internet users spend across the top one million websites, Attention adds a layer of context, by accounting for monthly fluctuations in the amount time people spend online. Half a year later, a lot has changed!

At a high level, several trends emerge.

  • There is some evidence of seasonal shopping trends (retail related sites plummeted in attention)
  • The web continues to socialize: media and networking sites gain attention across the board
  • The NFL passes the ball to NASCAR in terms of sports attention, as it falls completely off the list

With the number of sites on this very active list, it’s difficult to call out specific changes. So here’s another thing we’ll provide before our industry peers: the ability to play with the data.

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