June Search Market Share: Big Surprise from MSN

Our readers have had several questions regarding the June Search Share, specifically MSN/Live’s increase and we have posted an update, showing the numbers without the ClubLive traffic. Check it out!

Google finally has a competitor join it in the (until now) exclusive, positive-year-over-year-growth club. MSN/Live increased their query volume by 67% from May, and 48% from a year ago. Search volume was up all across the board in June and took most everyone else in the same direction.

A good portion of the additional Live searches are coming from the Live Search Club, where you can apparently play games for points which you can redeem for fine Microsoft products. All of the games involve using Live’s search engine – to get the points, you have to search with Live. It looks like Chicktionary is leading the charge (by the way, “chicktionary”… not as cool as it sounds).

We didn’t see any traffic to club.live.com at all in April. About a third of a million unique visitors went to the club in May, and in June, this shot up to over 3 million unique visitors.

While that sharp spike from MSN looks impressive, it’s only relative to their own current standing. In terms of market share, it represents just 5 percentage points that Live took away from other engines (mostly Google). If Microsoft can actually leverage this traffic to club.live.com into actual search users and string together a few more months like this, they could really threaten Google’s top spot.

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