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Decision 2008: How Committed are Democrats to their Candidates?

While the western United States bakes in above normal temperatures this summer, the race to be the next leader of the free world is also heating up. By analyzing the behaviors of visitors to a candidate’s website, we can see how large an audience the candidate attracts; how well the candidate/website engages visitors; and importantly, how committed visitors are to the particular candidate. Today we’ll look at the leading announced on CNN's The Situation Room

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Wedding Bells Ringing on the Web

Wedding season is in full swing, and I’ve learned first hand that planning a wedding is no easy task. is a social networking website that allows "brides-to-be" to research, shop, plan, and share their stories. As with many wedding websites, seasonality proves to be a limiting factor in terms of traffic. experiences a decline on average of about 22% in unique visitors from October to December each year.

Your Searches Are Worth Billions

Over the past few months there’s been a huge amount of consolidation in the online advertising world. Google acquiring Double Click (or at least trying to) for $3 billion and Microsoft acquiring aQuantive for $6 billion were the two biggest examples of this consolidation in the past few months. There are a lot of smart people coming down on both sides of the fence as to whether these are good

MITX: Desktop Applications, Screen Mates, Widgets, Gadgets, Modules, Oh my!

The ways we use the web are constantly changing and one of the latest evolutions has been the emergence of web-based applications. From Apple to Southwest, more and more companies are offering applications that are customizable and personalized and this trend is only just getting started. Compete’s Stephen DiMarco recently participated on a MITX panel discussing the ways users are interacting with new applications and the web, best practices, and

Top Social Networks: The Summer of Social?

Facebook may be the darling of the web 2.0 press, but it was MySpace that grabbed the most attention from consumers in June. While it’s no surprise that MySpace has retained its lead in the Social Networking Ranks, its large spike in June attention showed that the site may have more room to grow. In April, when Facebook improved its share of attention by 23%, we highlighted where this traffic

What travel terms are driving traffic this summer?

Odds are that if you use the Internet and you take vacations, you visited a Travel Aggregator website this summer. These are sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity and they typically see 14% more visits in June and July than they do throughout the year, not so surprising. The more interesting issue is how we get to these sites. Usually, we click ads, use our "favorites" menu, or"”if William Shatner

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Harry Potter and the Last Hurrah

(Alert! The following post contains NO Harry Potter spoilers, you big cheater.) Wildly popular products follow strict protocol when it comes to their release, typically on the order of extreme modern travesty. The seventh Potter novel is no exception: blindingly record-breaking numbers, waiting lines measured in city blocks, and mere internet spoilers spurring tens of millions of dollars in litigation. Cynics delight, and lawyers win again. Harry’s fate notwithstanding, tonight

Tour de France: Which sites take home the yellow jersey?

Every year 189 cyclists don spandex shorts and bike jerseys that have as may sponsorships as a Nextel Cup car to fight it out and complete their dream finishing in Paris with the yellow jersey. That’s right, it’s July and Le Tour will be monopolizing the Cable TV station Versus (formerly OLN) with the constant replays of each day’s events in France. For avid cyclists and cycling fans this is

For the Love of Dog! Er… Cat!

Remember how your best friend went out to buy a dog just so he could get more attention and more dates? What better way to meet people? Forget walking the dog 10 times just to see the hot blond down the street – instead, create a profile for your dog on! One of the fastest growing pet sites and"¦ who knew?.. a competitor (albeit small) in the cluttered social