Father's Day Gift Solutions

As noted in a previous post, Mother’s Day sends consumers to online flower vendors in droves. Every year, sites like experience huge growth surrounding the celebration of mom.

But what about Father’s Day? You can’t get dad a bouquet of flowers, can you? As a result, Father’s Day is much more of an offline event than its female counterpart. Consumers are more likely to go a brick-and-mortar Best Buy than get online and find the perfect gift for pop. The standard Father’s Day usually consists of a barbeque, a couple neck ties, and maybe a new set of golf clubs.

Some sites, like Amazon are trying to make shopping online for Father’s Day a seamless experience. Amazon offers a section dedicated to Father’s Day gift ideas; and of course allows you to purchase your selection.

As the holiday approaches, the Father’s day section of Amazon has caught on. In the past month, visits to Amazon’s Father’s Day section has increased almost 70 fold!

Digging deeper on the demand side, the Compete database calculates 65,000 proxy dads (men above the age of 35) using the Wish List function on each month. From our view, Amazon appears primed to adopt Father’s Day to the ecommerce world.

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