The Flag Day Challenge

Today is like my birthday, but only a thousand times better. It’s Flag Day!!!! A day where we celebrate the day the American Flag was formally adopted by the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

I know"¦ I have goose bumps too.

I’m finding many of my Compete colleagues mocking my enthusiasm"¦ in fact, many have challenged me to a Flag Day duel of sorts:

Team: "If you can find one interesting thing to write about Flag Day we will invest in a full blown report on Arbor Day and the internet’s impact on trees."

TJ: "Done-ski."

Flag Day Findings:

  • There are over a 200K people per month looking for flags online.
  • Events of war and national emergency dramatically increase the demand for flags. The demand for flags has increased by ~75% every September since the events of 9/11.
  • Flags are to Memorial Day as flowers are to Valentines Day"¦ Visitor traffic to flag sites tends to increase by 20-30% in May.

Case closed"¦ Flag Day can be interesting.

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