Monthly Archives: June 2007

A Look at Domain-Squatting

A recent Business 2.0 article offered a behind the scenes look at the highly lucrative and controversial business of domain-squatting. Featured in this piece was Kevin Ham, a man who has made a fortune simply by driving people to the sponsored links and ads on sites like Out of nowhere Agoga quickly ramped up to more than 1.5 million page views per month. Every time browsers click on one

Netvibes and iGoogle Reinventing the Start Page

I’m not lazy, but I like convenience. In terms of the internet, putting all of the content I consume daily on one page is as convenient as it gets. The idea of personalized pages isn’t new. My Yahoo! has let users pick and choose what content would be viewed on their personal page for nearly a decade. Although My Yahoo! was once considered revolutionary, the service hasn’t evolved in pace

Farecast: Taking Guesswork Out of Online Travel

Buy or wait? Is there a chance if I postpone my purchase that the ticket price will decrease? If only there were a way to take the guesswork out of this decision"¦ (a travel Meta-Search site on steroids) claims to have the answer to this question plaguing online travel shoppers. Users select their desired departure/destination/dates combination and just as on other Meta-Search sites, Farecast technology scrapes information from airline

Amid iPhone hype, fewer ready to buy, but more ready to pay

From what I hear, the iPhone is big news these days. I wouldn’t know. In a case of exceptionally poor timing, I scheduled my vacation for mid-June and have traded iPhone hype for breath-taking scenery and limited media access. I’m sure this would be fun for some. I’m in media withdrawal. So I’m back on the grid, eager to check out the results of Compete’s recent iPhone survey. We found

New: Compete Search Analytics

We are extremely excited to announce that sometime today, a brand new product Compete Search Analytics will be made available on! This new tool will make it easier for you to keep your finger on the pulse of the whole online landscape and get the most out of your search marketing investments. It will enable you to: Discover new keywords you should be bidding on Find the gaps in

Searchonomics Conference: Compete will be there, will you?

All the big names in Search will be in Santa Clara on June 27 at the Searchonomics Conference. Speakers from Google, Yahoo!, AOL and many more will be presenting the latest on all areas of Search and Compete will be joining them. We will be moderating a panel discussion with representatives from Red Brick Media, TMP Worldwide, and PronetAdvertising, focusing on social networking and user generated content and how they Helping "Consumers Bite Back" With One Ferocious Bark

There’s a marketing saying; "Any press is good press," but that’s a hard line to swallow when the press in question is you coming in as runner up for the worst company in America according to (Halliburton). With the consumer affairs focused blog growing substantially in 2007, and also spreading primarily anti-corporate messaging virally all over the web, now poses a legitimate concern to some of the brands

Digg overtakes Facebook; Both cross 20 million U.S. Unique Visitors

The first time I wrote about YouTube, it had just crossed 20 million visitors in the U.S. Just 4 days after my post, YouTube was scooped up by Google for $1.65B in Google stock. At today’s stock price, the deal is worth over $2B. There is certainly something magical about reaching 20 million. Web 2.0 darlings, also prime acquisition targets — Digg and Facebook both crossed this milestone last month.

May Movers: Hierarchy of Needs

From natural disasters to personal health, from finding employment to seeking high art, the Movers list for May illustrates the disparate elements that drive our interests as human beings. While some month’s Movers Lists follow cyclical trends, such as florist sites in February or tax sites in April, this month seemed to feature a well-rounded and diverse set of subjects that give us insight into our quest to fulfill our

Compete Sponsoring Under the Radar

Under the Radar is an event that showcases startups who are on the verge of breaking through in various fields. This month’s conference features up-and-comers in entertainment and media, and will be there. The conference will be held on June 28 at Microsoft in Mountain View, California. Compete will be presenting during the lunch session and sponsoring the VIP party the night before (and passing out some cool Compete Father's Day Gift Solutions

As noted in a previous post, Mother’s Day sends consumers to online flower vendors in droves. Every year, sites like experience huge growth surrounding the celebration of mom. But what about Father’s Day? You can’t get dad a bouquet of flowers, can you? As a result, Father’s Day is much more of an offline event than its female counterpart. Consumers are more likely to go a brick-and-mortar Best Buy