Monthly Archives: May 2007

TicketMaster and StubHub

TicketMaster is the website you love to hate. It has nearly monopolized the event ticket industry and makes a nice chunk of change on every ticket it sells by charging a delivery fee, a convenience fee, a save the unicorns fee and a fee for charging the fees. TicketMaster has enjoyed its market dominance, but has recently seen StubHub nipping at its heels. (To accurately represent the situation this is

Zipcar Making Moves

Recently we took a look at some of the environmentally-conscious sites of the web. One that we didn’t mention was Zipcar makes strides towards a cleaner planet by supplying shareable cars, thus lowering the number of vehicles on the road emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere. I’m a zipcar member and I must say I love the service. I’m pulling for these guys and although they are not huge

The (Re)Birth of Mobile Banking

While the upcoming iPhone launch is capturing the lion’s share of attention in the Wireless industry, the re-introduction of Mobile Banking has been at the core of a movement to make a cell phone your next wallet. Mobile Banking was unsuccessfully launched in the early 2000s, but better offerings and wireless technology have spurred a revival in Mobile Banking Strategies. Though 80% of wireless phones currently have the capability to