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New feature: Export SnapShot data to CSV

Extra Credit: What's universal default?

Do you know what universal default means? It is the practice of a credit card company raising your interest rates based on your failure to pay one of your other creditors. Example: you are late on making your car loan payment, and the following month the interest rate on your credit card goes up"¦ substantially. A recent Consumer Affairs article does a good job of outlining the specific credit card

Check out the April data now on SnapShot!

The April SnapShot data is live! Check it out!

Kids Toy Crazes Go Virtual

A few weeks ago, my kids and I were talking about Webkinz, one of the latest kid crazes that take collecting beanie babies up a level, and it sparked my curiousity about how they are performing online. Webkinz are brought to us by Ganz, a privately held company started in 1950. Like beanie babies before them, Webkinz are limited, hard to find and quickly becoming the toy to give and

Top Social Networks: Facebook grows while MySpace slows

With the introduction of news feeds, non-college registrations, and a mobile service, Facebook has been through significant changes over the past 6 months. Though some initially enraged the site’s core audience of college students, these changes have ultimately widened Facebook’s appeal. A 23% traffic increase in April highlights the peak in a period of rapid growth since September. But who is actually driving this growth? The chart below illustrates the

The Flower Battle of Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day fast approaches people everywhere scurry to the web to order flowers for mom. As a result, our collective attention sways heavily towards the major players in the online flower vending space. A quick search for flowers yielded prominent links to (effective domain name!),,, and millions others of course. In taking a look at people visits to these big three over the past couple of

April Search Market Share: Yahoo! Gains, Outpaces Google

No one likes a one horse race. So with that in mind I’m pleased to report that in April, according to Compete data, Yahoo! search share increased a little over half a point as a result of 5% month-over-month gain in total US consumer query volume. Unfortunately Yahoo! has a long way to go to get back to year ago levels of market share. Of course Google didn’t exactly sit

Movie Pirates – And we don't mean Jack Sparrow

This past weekend Hollywood executives were celebrating as Spiderman 3 broke several world-wide records during its first few days of theatrical release. The receipts would seem to be indicative of a strong summer at the box office despite several months of sagging or flat performance. But while the studios can breathe a sigh of relief for now, another potential threat to their revenue is looming. Several years ago, file sharing

MySpace buys Photobucket: What do they get for $300M?

Photobucket acquisition rumors have been circulating for months, but now it seems that the most recent rumor is a confirmed reality: Photobucket has been bought by MySpace for ~$300M (includes earn out). We have dug into our numbers here at Compete to read into the photo-sharing site’s trends and outlook for the future to see exactly what $300 million gets you. Photobucket’s visitor volume for March ’07 was 25M uniques,

Meta Search Pushes Into Cruises

The News: In an apparent coincidence, the two biggest Meta Search sites entered the cruise category at nearly the same time, when in January both Kayak and Sidestep launched cruise search products. Sidestep took the approach of partnering with NLG’s CruisesOnly brand to power its site, while Kayak launched a custom-developed search product. Among the questions are whether Meta Search can help increase the slow growth of online cruise bookings,

Death and Refunds: The 2007 Tax Season

While it’s said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, the internet has at least given consumers a multitude of options for filing, and, unfortunately, the uncertainty of knowing if they will make the filing due date. The most interesting aspect of the season from our perspective was a campaign by TurboTax**. Which sponsored a consumer generated media contest this year that was judged by Vanilla