User-Generated Video Goes to the Big Screen

Yet another user-generated video site has popped up in YouTube’s wake, and has big ambitions. Steven Spielberg’s latest venture, “On the Lot,” is a reality TV competition that debuted Tuesday night on Fox . The show created buzz through its website by allowing prospective contestants to submit short films for a chance to compete on the show, and the ultimate chance to win a $1 million development deal with Dreamworks to make their own movie. The idea sounds interesting, but will this endeavor spark the next blockbuster or become a reality TV flop? If traffic to is any indicator, the show could get pretty old pretty quickly.

  • Initial interest on the site peaked in January at around 105k UV’s and has steadily dropped since then
  • Visitors to the site dropped 73% from March to April alone
  • Although users can still post videos to be viewed online, 57% of all uploads occurred before the deadline (February 16th) to be considered as a contestant for the show
  • Visitors viewed 28% more films after the deadline then at any point prior to it

Which films piqued viewer interest? Visitors showed the most interest in comedy, visiting over 19k pages in from November to April.

Though suited its initial purpose in terms of choosing the contestants for the television show, UV traffic indicates that (despite other new content on the site) interest doesn’t seem to extend very much beyond that point. Maybe the exposure from the tv episodes will give the site a jumpstart once again.

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