The Flower Battle of Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day fast approaches people everywhere scurry to the web to order flowers for mom. As a result, our collective attention sways heavily towards the major players in the online flower vending space.

A quick search for flowers yielded prominent links to (effective domain name!),,, and millions others of course. In taking a look at people visits to these big three over the past couple of years a couple trends develop. First, not surprisingly, these online shops experience significant growth leading up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

The second notable trend is that there is no clear winner in the space over the past three years. In 2005, took the title. Last year, set the pace. And this year is neck and neck with If I were in charge of marketing at one of these sites I would see what ad campaigns correspond to high traffic times and recreate some of that magic.

Who will win the vicious battle that surrounds Mother’s Day 2007?

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