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Wikipedia: Encyclopedia or Kama Sutra?

Wikipedia can be a great source of information on a range of topics. The user generated universe is infinite and the people that contribute and seek information within this exchange have created one of the most vibrant information communities I have seen in my lifetime. But, I wonder, "What specifically do people tend to use Wikipedia for?" As you would expect many of the top subjects relate to current events

Blockbuster to offer free subscriptions?

With a larger customer-base, it is no surprise that grabs more monthly unique visitors and Attention* than While the new kid on the online block has certainly cut into Netflix’s market share, the incumbent remains the clear leader when using Compete metrics.

The Torso of the Internet – 1,718 sites are attracting over 1 million visitors

There has been a lot of talk about the "long tail" of the internet. In December we decided to investigate various attributes of the size of the internet and walked away with two primary conclusions: The internet is constantly expanding. In 2006 Compete’s panel visited over 5M unique websites, representing an increase of 77% since 2001. The expansion of the internet is not compromising the growth of larger sites —

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from the Compete Blog Team And keep an eye out for the Flag Day post on June 14th!

User-Generated Video Goes to the Big Screen

Yet another user-generated video site has popped up in YouTube’s wake, and has big ambitions. Steven Spielberg’s latest venture, “On the Lot,” is a reality TV competition that debuted Tuesday night on Fox . The show created buzz through its website by allowing prospective contestants to submit short films for a chance to compete on the show, and the ultimate chance to win a $1 million development deal with

Compete API Open For Business

We have just opened up our API to the public and people are talking about it! Use it to show Compete traffic rankings, trust scores and deals on your site! Please visit our developer page for more more details.

Robert is paying attention, are you?

About 6 weeks ago, David (Compete’s CTO) spoke with Robert Scoble about Compete’s services, trends he’s seeing in Web traffic and Compete’s new Attention metric. Robert is one of the most influential bloggers on the planet — the Shaquille O’Neal of the blogosphere. Thank you, Robert, for these awesome videos! Needless to say, we’re huge fans of Robert and the rest of the Podtech crew. The videos: A demo of

How to take advantage of Compete's advanced features

Take advantage of Compete’s advanced features by registering for a Compete account! register now for free With an account, you can: Compare up to 5 web sites at a time vs. just 3 for regular users Save SnapShots to a Portfolio: Save your favorite groups of up to 5 sites for quick access to their SnapShot comparison views Rate sites: Vote for your favorite and least favorite sites Export data

Xbox360 vs. Wii vs. PS3: Has Sony finally found the bottom?

Sony has had a rough 6 months. To add insult to injury, last week the electronics behemoth announced a 4th quarter loss of $563 million, largely due to development costs and poor sales within it’s gaming division, with an equally dismal outlook for the first quarter of 2007. Sony certainly isn’t giving up on the PS3 yet, but does the console have much further to fall?

Designer Handbags Have Gone Netflix

I think we can all agree that Netflix fundamentally changed the movie rental market. Netflix’s mail delivery and no late fee model lowered the price of rentals, enabled us to choose from more options and forced Blockbuster to re-engineer its entire business. Not bad for a decade’s worth of work. It begs the question — what else can be Netflixed? CDs? Not really, has yet to take off. Used

Battle Royale: Talk Show Diva Edition

(Note: The following is a true account of the online melee between America’s 4pm sweethearts) It was an all-out brawl last month when four of the nation’s most popular talk show hosts tapped gloves to begin the online sparring match for the title of April’s daytime Big Mama. As expected, Oprah weighed in heavily, at just under 1.5 million (individuals visiting her site), while Rachael was sitting pretty at 550K;