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Candidates' fundraising numbers not all in, can site traffic show the leaders?

Candidates in the 2008 presidential race have until April 15 2007 to file their first quarter campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission. All but one of the six major players has announced their funding totals as of April 2, and the results have opened some eyes: Hillary Clinton’s $26 million 3-month total (plus $10 million from her Senate campaign fund) represents a formidable obstacle for any Democratic competitor. Announces the only Attention-Based Web Metrics

For the last few months we have made several posts using a new metric we refer to as Attention. We created our Attention metric because all of us in online marketing need a better way to gauge the influence of a site beyond unique visitors, page views and "visits". While these are all critical pieces of the puzzle that is the web, they all also have their short comings. Today