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Consumers Creating Their Own Content in Travel

Travel is the largest category of eCommerce there is, and consumers are taking it into their own hands… and voices. Consumer-Generated-Content already influences $10 Billion a year in online travel purchases. Among the early innovators in taking advantage of this trend are Sheraton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, and TripAdvisor. Sheraton transformed its website into a social platform, pushing aside standard hotel booking functionality in favor of creating a “Global Neighborhood.” Southwest

Top Social Networks: Who's losing to MySpace

Somewhere between Instant Messenger Profiles and Vertical "People" search engines, social networking has become a keystone of the web. And much like the beer bearing the same name, it’s cheap, facilitates conversation, and is consumed primarily by younger people. As social networking continues its rapid adoption, the diversification of the social networking sites makes it an important segment to assess. Anti-American (Idol) Terrorist? is a site that seeks to keep the least qualified singer on American Idol for as long as possible. The site works by unionizing votes across the country to ensure the worst (e.g. least talented) contestant has enough support to stay on the show. It’s a hilarious concept and the response to the site has been incredible. The chart above shows the change in daily attention from February 17th

March SnapShot Data is Live!

March SnapShot Data is live! Be sure to check out the new daily data that is available under the Engagement and Growth tabs.

Fallen Idols, Basketball, and a Crazy Looking Tourist Trap in the Search Terms

As always, a look at top search terms in March has provided some interesting results. Myspace and it’s variants occupied 5 of the top-20 slots along with other web goliath’s Google, eBay, Yahoo!, and Craigslist. Leave it to the US online searching public to push none other than Antonella Barba into the top-20 in March. I’m not sure whether I should feel bad for the poor girl or not. One

Compete Vertical Wrap-Up

Every month, the Compete Vertical teams take a deep look into issues effecting the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Wireless industries. These articles tend to be very industry specific, but provide good examples of how to leverage web metrics to measure consumer demand and behavior across various industries. AutoIntelligence: The Online Channel — My Cadillac story: the first chapter? In January, Cadillac launched, an online community for Cadillac enthusiasts.

Where's your money at?

Okay, we ended the last post with a question. Now we are going to give you a short look back to January to see where other people’s money might have been going. Take a look at our fantastic brand new free Attention Velocity chart below: This Attention Velocity chart shows the daily change in attention (a.k.a. total time spent) compared to January 1st for the HSBC Direct and ING Direct

Direct to the cash: Where's your money at?

One of the ways banks make bread is on the spread — the difference between what they pay you for your cash deposits and the interest they collect on the loans they make. My national bank pays 0.20% APY (yes that is 1/5th of one percent, not a typo) on cash in a regular savings account while charging over 6.00% on home loans. Not bad bread. Other banks thought so

Technorati breaking away, leaving Google behind in the dust

Yes, Technorati is still very much the most visited blog search engine. Earlier this week Technorati self reported Q1 numbers — they grew page views by 150% and unique visitors 141%. The bigger question however — how does this growth compare to the #2 player in this space – Google Blog Search? As you can see, according to Compete data, Technorati grew monthly unique visitors 91% and pageviews 138% in

Craigslist's Dirty Little Secret

It’s no wonder that Craigslist is champion of the online classifieds revolution; Compete reports just under 17 million people visiting per month. The site boasts quick accessibility, a straight-forward interface, and a posting registry ranging from video games and community events to furniture and real estate. But as it turns out, many visitors to are looking for something more risqué than that lamp with the red velvet fringe. Analysis

Are Travelers Finding Needles in 'Haystack'?

Near the end of December 2006, Lonely Planet launched ‘Haystack’, an online booking engine featuring exclusive author-approved accomodations. . Unlike many travel accommodation engines, 50% of the featured properties on ‘Haystack’ were not previously bookable online. Each property is visited and reviewed by a Lonely Planet author. These reviews include additions from independent travellers and are recommended to Lonely Planet travel prospects. In January, Haystack’s first full month of operation,