And with the first pick of the NFL Draft…

A different kind of religion takes hold of many people across America on Sundays in the fall: NFL football. The obsession takes hold in September and lasts through the Super Bowl in the first weekend of February.

While the NFL players are recovering from the season and hitting the golf courses instead of each other, the NFL website also slows down significantly for the off-season. But for one weekend in the spring fans dust off their recliners as the NFL makes headlines on a Saturday with their annual draft. For people like Mel Kiper, the draft is a year-round job, but for the majority of the fans, their attention is much more temporary.

At noon tomorrow the Raiders will be on the clock for the first pick and the NFL will briefly move to the front of people’s consciousness for a few days before again taking a backseat to baseball for the summer months. I know my attention will be particularly high for the 24th and 28th picks, hoping the Patriots can continue their recent draft day success.

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