Google and the rest of the usual suspects continue to dominate video

The spring is a time of many changes that even the monthly Compete Blog video market share post isn’t exempt from. We have overhauled our methodology to include more sites and to be more inclusive with the sites we have previously reported on. These changes are most obvious at the top of the list, with YouTube now being included under the Google heading. The result of these changes is a more comprehensive view of the online video market in terms of actual share per company.

Although the methodology has changed, the landscape of the market remains the same: the Google/YouTube combination continues to dominate, totaling just under 150 million sessions in March. This total is more than three and a half times bigger than their closest competitor, MySpace.

  • Nearly 69 million people watched video content online at one of the top 20 video sites in March
  • The major search properties and MySpace continued to hold the top spots
  • Even AOL, the search property with the lowest session totals, is still 70% higher than the biggest non-search/MySpace site

ManiaTV! comes in sixth on our list this month, featuring a web television focus. They bill themselves as the "first Internet-based television network" and focus on youth culture entertainment, including a live call-in show with host Tom Green. So how is pulling on that "star" power working for them? Surprisingly well.

What’s the lesson to be learned here? While the giants of the Internet don’t look like they’ll be dislodged from the top spots in the video market any time soon, there is still plenty of attention to be had beyond the top five spots.

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