Anti-American (Idol) Terrorist? is a site that seeks to keep the least qualified singer on American Idol for as long as possible. The site works by unionizing votes across the country to ensure the worst (e.g. least talented) contestant has enough support to stay on the show. It’s a hilarious concept and the response to the site has been incredible.

The chart above shows the change in daily attention from February 17th to April 3rd for and (the show’s official site).

  • has virtually exploded, growing by almost 3000% in attention
  • has grown in attention share, but remains comparatively static since February 27th

Votefortheworst would not be worth writing about unless it was working. To date, the painfully bad singer backed by has won every week, and is currently in an "elite" group of seven. You have to admit that is much funnier than Simon and Paula.

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