Fallen Idols, Basketball, and a Crazy Looking Tourist Trap in the Search Terms

As always, a look at top search terms in March has provided some interesting results. Myspace and it’s variants occupied 5 of the top-20 slots along with other web goliath’s Google, eBay, Yahoo!, and Craigslist. Leave it to the US online searching public to push none other than Antonella Barba into the top-20 in March. I’m not sure whether I should feel bad for the poor girl or not. One thing you can bet on for sure is that the Producers of American Idol probably couldn’t be happier.

Our continued fascination with celebrities and all the stupid things they do in the public eye becomes even more apparent when you take a look at the top movers. 8 of the 20 fastest growing terms were celebrities or celebrity gossip related (yes I’m counting Debra Lafave as a celebrity).

Aside from the celebrity obsessed what else is growing on the minds of the US online public? March means two things in many US homes "¦ lot’s of college basketball and one day when we all get to be Irish. Baby Boomers now have a social network to call their own and apparently the word is getting out about Eons. Lastly if you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon Skywalk or heard any of the controversy surrounding it then it’s worth checking out. Even the graphic representation makes me a little dizzy.

OK, now I feel bad for Antonella. On the other hand Sanjaya is just too funny.

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