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Every month, the Compete Vertical teams take a deep look into issues effecting the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Wireless industries. These articles tend to be very industry specific, but provide good examples of how to leverage web metrics to measure consumer demand and behavior across various industries.

AutoIntelligence: The Online Channel — My Cadillac story: the first chapter?
In January, Cadillac launched, an online community for Cadillac enthusiasts. The site features celebrities from Joan Jett to Tiki Barber to Andy Garcia telling their Cadillac story, and also invites non-celebrity enthusiasts to submit their own experiences via the website, YouTube or a toll-free number. Compete took an early look at this site and its impact on visits to

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Financial Services Advisor — Subprime lending: bargain seekers hunt while consumers dismiss foreclosures

Recently, home foreclosures and the disappointing performance of leading sub-prime lenders have captured significant attention. To learn more about consumer attitudes and intentions with regard to their adjustable-rate mortgages, Compete surveyed consumers who were recently shopping online for mortgages.

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Telecom Vantage —Telecom bundles take the field
While triple plays are a rarity in baseball, they are the standard in the world of telecom service bundles. In fact, some teams even feature a quadruple play and the players in that arena are quickly growing. Assuming that consumers actually want to buy telecommunications services in bundles, 2007 is shaping up to be a "Field of Dreams" for Embarq and Comcast, while others will need to step up to the plate.

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AutoIntelligence— Do vehicle launches have long-term impact on demand?
Since the beginning of 2005, auto manufacturers have launched, re-launched, refreshed, and redone a number of vehicles. The goal of such vehicle launches is to draw in more shoppers and ultimately drive more sales. With significant ad support devoted to most launches, this strategy is effective, but for how long? To better understand the long-term impact of new launches, Compete measured vehicle demand for six recently launched vehicles over the past two years.

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