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March Movers: Madness and Reading

Holiday themes often dominate the monthly top ten movers list, but while March’s big day on the 17th may move people to local establishments for corned beef and a beverage or two, it failed to move enough people online to crack our top ten. Interestingly enough, it’s a pastime that has been around for centuries and is decidedly un-tech that dominates our list. Predictably, the NCAA basketball tournament makes its

And with the first pick of the NFL Draft…

A different kind of religion takes hold of many people across America on Sundays in the fall: NFL football. The obsession takes hold in September and lasts through the Super Bowl in the first weekend of February. While the NFL players are recovering from the season and hitting the golf courses instead of each other, the NFL website also slows down significantly for the off-season. But for one weekend in

Google and the rest of the usual suspects continue to dominate video

The spring is a time of many changes that even the monthly Compete Blog video market share post isn’t exempt from. We have overhauled our methodology to include more sites and to be more inclusive with the sites we have previously reported on. These changes are most obvious at the top of the list, with YouTube now being included under the Google heading. The result of these changes is a

Enough about the big boys of search, what about everyone else?

If you’re like us, it gets a little old reading and writing about the same thing over and over again. How many times have we read some variation of "Google is up" in the past few years? We decided that it was high time we took a little break from that broken record and dug a little deeper. There’s a whole world of search out there beyond Google, Yahoo!, Live,

Google Checkout Struggling to Compete with PayPal

Historians may well view 2006 as the year Google finally "jumped the shark" with the introduction of Google Checkout, its online payment processing service. "Checkout" is one of Google’s latest attempts to diversify itself beyond its core search business. Unfortunately, like other internally developed services Google has launched recently, Checkout has failed to take the world by storm and captured just 1% market share in March. Google has aggressively tried

Tom Is Not My Friend

So, I finally did it"¦ Heavily influenced by a close friend, I broke down and made a MySpace account. This is most definitely not an uncommon occurrence as there are about elevendy-billion profiles on the site today, but for me it is a big deal. I’ve never been a fan of social networks and their ability to let your distant acquaintances get a SnapShot â„¢ version of your personal life.

UFC: 6th Most Popular Sport in U.S.?

If website visitation is any indication, there is a new sport around that is capturing the hearts of U.S. consumers. The “UFC”, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, attracts a greater number of visitors to its website than the organizations that run professional golf, soccer, bowling, and tennis. And if hockey doesn’t fire up its zambonis soon, it appears that the NHL will be the next sport to be KO’d. Much like

Xbox 360 Elite: Microsoft's – sort of – response to PS3

In late March, Micrsoft confirmed widespread rumors about a revamped video game system by launching the Xbox 360 Elite. The system boasts a hard drive twice as large as its nearest competitor, the capability of playing super high definition video, and a black finish. Priced $30 less than the lower end of the PS3 (but sans HD-DVD) Microsoft could have more appropriately branded this console the 360 L337, since the

March Market Share: Two-Thirds of the US Online Population Is Using Google

After last month’s market share release Danny Sullivan was kind enough to reach out to us and asked us a few questions about our search numbers. As a result we did some digging into the numbers and have improved our market share assessments. Anyone out there who’s been watching search for a few years is likely familiar with "The Google Dance." Well no worries, we don’t plan to make our

Pulitzer Prize: Winnings don't include Internet popularity

In my book club, the announcement of the Pulitzer Prize winners is as eagerly anticipated and followed as the Super Bowl. With this being the literary Super Bowl week, I was interested to see if it was just my club or the general public who was following this so closely. Not surprisingly, Attention for peaked during April last year when the announcement was made. What was a bit surprising A really expensive piece of gum

Several weeks ago a new "social network for the family" called Geni, made the headlines with a big time valuation of $100M. Pundits are going back and forth on whether Geni’s valuation is reasonable or gonzo. I could not help but investigate so I jumped into Geni and began playing around. I found Geni to be like a piece of gum. It tasted great at first, but quickly wore off.