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What does St. Patrick's Day mean to you?

My family tree doesn’t allow me to claim Irish heritage for 364 days of the year, but like many other Americans on March 17th, I celebrate. Historically St. Patrick’s Day signifies the death of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Today however, most view St. Patrick’s Day as a day to wear green clothing, attend parades and binge drink. In case you weren’t aware of its historical significance, browse

March Nonproductivity… Er, I mean Madness

The holiday season is great, but for me and many others across the country, today is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins when Davidson takes on Maryland at 12:20, not exactly the most convenient time for the average working fan. Luckily, there is a solution: March Madness On Demand from . Every game is now available online for the

February data has been released on SnapShot

Viacom vs. YouTube: The Billion Dollar Question

In the past couple days, the relationship between two distinctly different media giants has gone from bad to worse, as Viacom filed a $1 billion suit against YouTube for copyright infringement. This follows the company’s demand early last month that YouTube remove 130,000 videos of Viacom owned content. Come on Sumner Redstone, you make me change browser windows to watch Hamster Dance and "The Daily Show" and you think 6

GigaOm vs TechCrunch: Are GigaOm readers any different from TechCrunch?

What can I say, I was curious. To satisfy my own curiosity, I set out to answer the big question — Are GigaOm readers any different from those of TechCrunch? You would think they would be similar, right? Not quite. Read on.. How we measured: We took the Top-20 domains in Jan "˜07 ranked by Attention Share (Attention Share considers all the time we collectively spend online and then determines

Yahoo Velocity: Not all is dire in the land of Yahoo!

Yahoo has been the target of a lot of critics over the past year or so for not living up to its potential. The number of people calling for the ouster of Terry Semel is getting tough to keep track of. More often than not the criticism is generally framed with a comparison to Google’s performance. People often punctuate this argument with Yahoo not acquiring Google when they had the

February Top Movers: The Secret

As is often the case, an annual event exerted its influence on our top-ten monthly mover’s list. Valentine’s Day had a big impact on our list, with greeting card sites, florists, and chocolatiers all having strong representation. But not even the Holiday of Love could overcome the growth factor of the Oprah Effect. The Secret is the latest in a long line of self-help philosophies that promise you wealth, fitness,

Are people increasingly going online to pay their taxes?

What signals the arrival of spring to you? For some, it is when flowers bloom, golf courses open, or the Red Sox season begins. For others, spring officially kicks off with the annual chore of calculating and paying one’s taxes. We here at Compete wondered: are consumers increasingly going online to pay their taxes? To answer this question, we fielded a survey (n=660) of our two million member panel. When

February Search Market Share: Live Search is on the move

In last month’s search market share report I mentioned that a lot of people, present company included, were eagerly awaiting the results of Microsoft’s recent consumer launch of Vista. Specifically, many anticipate Vista to re-ignite its presence in Search. Microsoft’s move to set Live Search as the default engine within Vista could be the long awaited answer to Microsoft’s struggles in the space. The Compete numbers are in, and so

Bank of America, meet Countrywide?

In the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that Bank of America is considering the acquisition of California-based Countrywide Financial, but publicly Bank of America has been tight-lipped about any deals in the works. With federal laws prohibiting any bank from making an acquisition that would raise its share of US deposits above 10 percent, the acquisition of a mortgage lender like Countrywide would be a creative way for Bank

Resolution Revisited: Environmental sites have grown, but have a ways to go

We are now two months into the new year, right about the time when many people see their new gym membership cards starting to collect dust and many others forget what their New Year’s resolutions actually were. But not here at Compete. Our New Year’s Day post saw that traffic to a few major environmental sites has doubled in the past five years, but the climb was not a steady