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Every month, the Compete Vertical teams take a deep look into issues effecting the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Wireless industries. These articles tend to be very industry specific, but provide good examples of how to leverage web metrics to measure consumer demand and behavior across various industries.

AutoIntelligence – Will the new Saturn Outlook obstruct the VUE?
The new Saturn Outlook has generated significant interest since its January Launch. At the end of its first month on the market, Outlook shopper counts surpassed 29,000. Compete assessed the early launch impact of the Outlook on Saturn’s other SUV, the VUE.

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TravelTrends — JetBlue flies steady through turbulent period
Most consumers and professionals are aware of the Valentine’s Day storm that wreaked havoc on JetBlue Airways. The collapse of the carrier’s flight operation was well-documented in both industry and national press as it struggled to re-align its planes, crews, and customers.

Shortly after JetBlue’s operational difficulties were resolved, Compete fielded a survey to over 400 JetBlue Customers and Prospects to gauge their awareness of these events, their opinions of the airline’s response, and their likelihood to fly JetBlue in the future.

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Financial Services Advisor – Is Countrywide a good partner for Bank of America?
In the past few weeks, reports have surfaced that Bank of America is considering the acquisition of California-based Countrywide Financial, the largest US mortgage lender. With federal laws prohibiting any bank from making an acquisition that would raise its share of US deposits above 10 percent, the acquisition of a mortgage lender like Countrywide would be a creative way for Bank of America to expand its reach within the confines of this law. To explore the benefits of such a combination, Compete compared online shopping activity for both companies across their mortgage, refinance and home equity products from July through December of 2006.

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