March Nonproductivity… Er, I mean Madness

The holiday season is great, but for me and many others across the country, today is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins when Davidson takes on Maryland at 12:20, not exactly the most convenient time for the average working fan.

Luckily, there is a solution: March Madness On Demand from . Every game is now available online for the enthusiast who wants to watch a game that isn’t being shown on TV in their region, or for the fan who can’t get out of work early to watch the games. As of 11:30 today, nearly an hour before the first game even starts, there were fans over 84,000 fans waiting to get into March Madness on Demand, and that doesn’t even include the viewers who have already gained access to the games.

Unique visitors to NCAASports were nearly seven times more in March of 2006 than they were in the previous month, and the sessions for March totaled over 5 million. NCAASports covers 25 collegiate sports, of which football is regarded to be the most popular. Yet the unique visitors numbers for the football bowl season (January) over the past two years pale in comparison to the March figures.

Does this mean that basketball, spurred on by March Madness, is the most popular college sport? Or does it just mean that the games are played when most people aren’t sitting by a television? I’m sure a lot of these March Madness visits come from the die-hard fans who are watching every game, but there just might be a few visits from people who can’t get out of work but are lucky enough to sit far away from their bosses.

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