February Top Movers: The Secret

As is often the case, an annual event exerted its influence on our top-ten monthly mover’s list. Valentine’s Day had a big impact on our list, with greeting card sites, florists, and chocolatiers all having strong representation. But not even the Holiday of Love could overcome the growth factor of the Oprah Effect.

The Secret is the latest in a long line of self-help philosophies that promise you wealth, fitness, happiness, etc. through the power of positive thinking. The website has the look and feel of The DaVinci Code, with the basic narrative being that throughout the centuries a select few humans have known THE SECRET to living a fulfilling life. They’re not shy about their boasts either — the front page proclaims that it offers "A NEW ERA FOR HUMANKIND." And now THE SECRET can be shared with you (if you watch the online video for $4.95 per viewing or order the book or dvd). The author’s appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show propelled THE SECRET into national prominence, and straight to the top of our list.

Here’s THE SECRET: You can get really, really rich by making people think you know THE SECRET. Go forth and multiply.

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