Monthly Archives: February 2007

Dolphins on a diet: Nutrisystems January results foreshadow Q1 miss

It’s good to see Dan Marino and Don Shula working together again, this time pitching weight loss programs for NutriSystem. Yet despite revenue growth of 166% last year, the stock has dipped 30% following a cloudy Q1 outlook from NutriSystem management. This is troubling since January is to the weight-loss market what the fourth quarter is to retailers (and quarterbacks). Is this another case of the Dolphin curse, or will

January's Top Movers: Less Death, More Taxes

This time of year everyone is thinking about taxes. Jeremy Crane’s post on Wednesday confirmed that, and my post today reinforces it. But how about this for consistency: Last January, I wrote about the Top Movers for the Week of January 15. Five of the sites listed in that post have made it once again into the Movers List for January 2007. We are creatures of habit, and our observed

Jobster and Facebook Partnering?

The best way to recruit new talent is to leverage the referrals of your current employees. Jobster has set out to apply this viral system to online job search and recruiting. By sprinkling some Web 2.0 pixie dust on existing job board models, Jobster is hoping to enter a space that has to date been dominated by the likes of Monster and Careerbuilder. Back in the summer Myspace partnered with

January Top Search Terms: Death, Taxes and a Really Nice House

Every month at Compete we dig into our database and look at what people are searching for on the web. The reality is that on a monthly basis there really isn’t a whole lot of change. Among the top 10 or even 20 terms there’s relatively little movement. A few new terms will pop up here and there but in general there isn’t much movement. The real excitement happens deeper

Lala and Peerflix: A case study in building a social Netflix

Myspace has transformed and dominated online social networking. Netflix has revolutionized the movie rental market. So what happens when you mix one part MySpace with two parts Netflix? You get two interesting social commerce plays – Peerflix and LaLa. Peerflix serves as marketplace for p2p trading exclusively for DVDs. For instance, I unfortunately own The Beach and I would love to trade it for a copy of Little Miss Sunshine.

Announcing: The Compete Attention 200™

More and more, our clients and readers have asked us to develop a better metric for measuring the performance of their web channels and planning their online media investments. Although unique visitors and page views are critical pieces of the puzzle that is the web — these metrics often fail to accurately measure engagement on sites using technologies such as online video and AJAX. Unfortunately, defining a universal "engagement metric"

Google Video + YouTube = 51% of the Video Market

What does $1.6 billion get you? An additional forty-one percent of the video website market share — just ask Google. Based on the Top 20 Video websites (as determined by U.S. visits) YouTube garnered 41% of the online video market in December. *When the videos portion of a site was part of a larger site, only visitors to the videos subdomain were counted Add YouTube’s first place share to Google

The New York Times Partners With Expedia

The New York Times is one of the most well-known news sources available offline and online, attracting nearly 7.5 million people to its website in December 2006. With the launch of the new Travel section, the entered a partnership with Expedia, making this online agency the exclusive booking engine for the NY Times. Given the affluent demographic of the NY Times audience, its online travel section is a prime