Video Sites: YouTube, Google stay strong, smaller sites have good showing

Not many people will be surprised to hear that the giants of the online video market are here to stay. Six out of the top seven video sites in January were the usual suspects: YouTube and the major search properties’ video sites. There was only one site without a big name that snuck in among the big boys, and it actually has a stupid name:

As impressive as it is that came in sixth in total sessions and seventh in unique visitors, some other metrics show an even more interesting, stickier picture of the site. StupidVideos is the runaway leader in page views per session with a massive 43, which is 74% more than in second place.

StupidVideos excels again in the number of sessions per unique visitor, out-pacing all other sites in the top ten and trailing only (the 16th overall site).

Other Highlights:

  • YouTube is way out in front of second-place MySpace, with 98% more unique visitors and 165% more sessions
  • When combined, Google Video and YouTube had well over 1 billion sessions, which is 230% more than number two MySpace
  • 19 of the top 20 sites had more than 1 million sessions last month
  • 15 out of the top 20 sites had over one million unique visitors
Market share is reported as a percentage of sessions from the top 20 video sites.

The big sites still have a strangle-hold on the market, but with StupidVideos and Compfused making strong showings, there is reason to think they’ll stick around.

When the videos portion of a site was part of a larger site, only visitors to the videos subdomain were counted

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