Compete Search Has a New Face

We released a number of changes on today – the most noteworthy of which were focused on Compete Search. Although Compete never intends to take on Google, we do have access to useful information to help augment and improve people’s search experience.

Highlighted Compete Search Enhancements:

More results: We overhauled the backend to provide more results, faster"¦

SnapShot Previews: Many people use Search as a navigation tool and enter in full domains. To help them learn more about their desired site, users will now find a SnapShot preview of the requested domain in the upper right corner of the results page.

Compete Picks: We have made Compete Picks even more relevant. If you conduct a search and Compete Picks appear it means other Compete users spent considerably more time of the destination site compared to other results, an indication they found the site helpful.

Take a few minutes to check out the new features.

What else is new on

Sponsors: You will notice four sponsor banners on SnapShot and the Blog. We are excited to begin highlighting brands that want to get in front of Compete’s technology aware audience. Click here for more detail.

Compete API: You asked for it, so you get it"¦ The Compete API! This is the first version of the API and we are looking forward to expanding its contents in the near future. Visit and find the API at work in the "˜Indexed Data’ section.

Metrics Matrix: We created a detailed matrix of how Compete collects and analyzes data compared to others, such as Alexa and comScore. See how we stack up.

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