January's Top Movers: Less Death, More Taxes

This time of year everyone is thinking about taxes. Jeremy Crane’s post on Wednesday confirmed that, and my post today reinforces it. But how about this for consistency: Last January, I wrote about the Top Movers for the Week of January 15. Five of the sites listed in that post have made it once again into the Movers List for January 2007. We are creatures of habit, and our observed behavior is both predictive and predictable.

I could go on about the tax sites themselves, but then I wouldn’t get to write about the most interesting site on the list, public-records-now.com. Go there now and lookup someone from your past. You’ll get a good idea of what cities they’ve lived in, whether they’re still using their maiden names, and a list of probable relatives. Is it a helpful tool to consolidate and access information? Or is it just a stalker’s dream come true? Either way, it is certainly evidence that aspects of our lives are becoming more public than ever before.

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