Jobster and Facebook Partnering?

The best way to recruit new talent is to leverage the referrals of your current employees. Jobster has set out to apply this viral system to online job search and recruiting. By sprinkling some Web 2.0 pixie dust on existing job board models, Jobster is hoping to enter a space that has to date been dominated by the likes of Monster and Careerbuilder.

Back in the summer Myspace partnered with simplyhired in order to create Myspace Jobs. Compete data shows that the Myspace jobs pages are currently being utilized by about 1% of total Myspacers. This led to a healthy increase in job seekers at

It appears that Facebook is in talks to hook up with Jobster in a similar effort. Now, if the Facebook/Jobster proposed partnership experiences equivalent success (1% of Facebook visitors) that will translate to a nice spike in people utilizing Jobster.

So can Jobster compete with the behemoths of the online job market? Probably not. But, that may not be what they set out to do. Jobster has something different than Monster and the others; a social network. The only true rival site that comes to mind is, the professional’s social networking service. Interestingly enough, a Facebook/Jobster partnership that attracts the same 1% of total unique visitors from Facebook would currently leapfrog Jobster past LinkedIn.

From our vantage, Jobster and Facebook are a perfect match. It will be interesting to see what actually happens if and when Facebook and Jobster hookup.

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