Google Video + YouTube = 51% of the Video Market

What does $1.6 billion get you? An additional forty-one percent of the video website market share — just ask Google. Based on the Top 20 Video websites (as determined by U.S. visits) YouTube garnered 41% of the online video market in December.

*When the videos portion of a site was part of a larger site, only visitors to the videos subdomain were counted

Add YouTube’s first place share to Google Video’s third place share of 10% and you get a whopping 51% of all visits to the top 20 video websites.


  • 58 million people viewed at least one video online in December "˜06
  • 14 out of the Top 20 video sites received over 1 million unique visitors
  • The top 4 sites received over 10 million video related visits
  • The top five sites account for 80% of the online video market

Google made an announcement last week indicating that it will make some modifications to play to the strengths of the YouTube and Google Video combination. Sounds interesting – I guess 51% market share is not enough.

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