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Video Sites: YouTube, Google stay strong, smaller sites have good showing

Not many people will be surprised to hear that the giants of the online video market are here to stay. Six out of the top seven video sites in January were the usual suspects: YouTube and the major search properties’ video sites. There was only one site without a big name that snuck in among the big boys, and it actually has a stupid name: As impressive as it

January Search Market Share: Tough Start to the Year for Most

Ask and you shall receive. Over the past few months we’ve read a number of requests for a bit more detail on our market share releases. For the past weeks some of the best and brightest at Compete have been locked up in the basement (actually we’re on the top floor of our building but you get the idea) to bring you our new and improved search market reporting. We

Top-20 Domains ranked by Attention Share: Yahoo gained, Most e-commerce sites lost

The market currently relies heavily on visitors and page views to measure performance, but we know these metrics can be gamed. Time, on the other hand, is finite and selfishly managed by the user making it harder to game. Therefore if a site can garner more of an individual’s time it should be considered a good thing, right? With that said, we know there are exceptions (Search for example), which

Can internet traffic Predict Oscar winners?

With the Oscars just around the corner, you can practically smell the designer clothing and expensive jewelry in the air. This Sunday night, Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars will strut their stuff on the red carpet for the 79th Academy Awards. While some of you might be wondering which star will don the best attire, who will deliver the best performance, or simply who will forget their underwear, most of

Xbox 360, Halo 3, and Gears of War: Violence breeds killer apps?

One of the big questions of the 2006 Holiday season revolved around video game Gears of War as Xbox 360’s first "Killer App". After selling nearly 3 million copies worldwide (nearly 1 for every 3 Xbox 360’s) it has become a staple in any gamer’s library. But a true killer app should drive people to buy the console. Looking at Xbox 360 shoppers online, Gears of War was a great

Compete Search Has a New Face

We released a number of changes on today – the most noteworthy of which were focused on Compete Search. Although Compete never intends to take on Google, we do have access to useful information to help augment and improve people’s search experience. Highlighted Compete Search Enhancements: More results: We overhauled the backend to provide more results, faster"¦ SnapShot Previews: Many people use Search as a navigation tool and enter

Google Velocity: Froogle and Local are dying while Video and Blog are surging

Google has been criticized for being unable to succeed beyond its core Web Search offering. Last year Forbes "graded Google" and didn’t give the internet superstar high marks beyond the core web search products. Just last week Forbes "re-graded Google" on the past year’s performance. At Compete we tend to look at things a bit myopically. We’re all about the data. So to understand Google’s scholastic aptitude we looked at

Colabertation: Colbert Report and fans take on Wikipedia

Having a word that you created added to the Merriam Webster dictionary, and named "word of the year" would be enough to satisfy a normal man, but for Stephen Colbert, its just the opening act. Since defining "truthiness" on his "conservative" talk show, The Colbert Report, he’s roasted the president at a national press dinner, adopted a bald eagle, and was recently immortalized as a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream – How to reach a million people for free

In 1998, Bill Gross started a revolutionary new search engine called GoTo which allowed marketers to pay for search placement. GoTo became Overture, created the business of paid search, and was acquired by Yahoo. Google quickly adopted the paid search model, grew to become the largest search engine on the web and now stands side-by-side with Yahoo as one of the most prominent Internet properties in the world. Bill is

Compete Vertical Wrap-Up

Every month, the Compete Vertical teams take a deep look into issues effecting the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel and Wireless industries. These articles tend to be very industry specific, but provide good examples of how to leverage web metrics to measure consumer demand and behavior across various industries. AutoIntelligence – Silverado Making Noise in the Full-Size Pickup Segment Chevrolet launched the new Silverado 1500 pickup in the fall of 2006.

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