What Sites Are People Researching on Compete.com?

A few quick facts for you:

  • 75: The number of days Compete.com has existed
  • 150,000: Visitors to Compete.com
  • 300,000: SnapShot views requested since launch
  • 40,000: Unique domains that have been analyzed on SnapShot

40,000 domains!!! As you can imagine, we asked ourselves, "what sites are people researching the most" — below are the Top 10 most analyzed domains on SnapShot.

Top Requested SnapShots at Compete.com

TJ’s Comments
myspace.com  Check out the “Time Spent” trends at MySpace – it’s remarkable
digg.com They claim 22M –  no one quite believes them – in the U.S. Compete says 9.5M
seobook.com SEOers tend to leverage all tools free

We didn’t know you cared so much 🙂

msn.com Is Live the answer to MSN’s woes?  The trends aren’t encouraging.
techcrunch.com We bought a few ads on TechCrunch.  The ads have performed well. I recommend them if you are launching a new service.
true.com Aggressive ads all over MySpace have generated traffic, but conversion is another story
facebook.com You’re not worth $2B – we advise you to get out while the getting is good.
ebay.com Skype, Craigslist, international challenges – so many questions for this internet bellwether
oldnavy.com  Looking for coupons?

There are additional words on our post launch performance from our CMO and others in a press release we sent out today. Click here to read more.

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