December Top Movers

I’ll admit it: Sometimes I just don’t get the Internet. I had expected December’s Top Ten Mover’s list to feature Brittney’s naughty bits vs. Saddam’s final minutes in a voyeuristic showdown between sex and death. But alas, it was not to be. Other than the obscure,, which doesn’t even appear to feature any of the infamous "oops" photos, neither Ms. Spears nor Mr. Hussein made much of an impact. Even sites like, which saw big increases in traffic toward the end of the year, didn’t see large enough growth to crack our list.

December 2006 Top Movers
# Site US Visitors % Δ
1. 1,748,908 733%
2. 1,153,326 675%
3. 1,139,706 377%
4. 1,902,917 349%
5. 668,110 346%
6. 629,148 341%
7. 635,313 340%
8. 1,404,304 335%
9. 1,061,999 309%
10. 3,391,644 308%

Two home grown sites in particular caught my eye: led the way with 1.7 million visitors — a more than a seven-fold increase. The reason? Two phenomenally hilarious flash animations that are linked on the site. Apparently the "Snowman" and "You’ve got a Friend" animations were forwarded in hundreds of thousands of emails nationwide. Go ahead, view them for yourself, and hold on to your hat, because the hilarity is stunning"¦..

The other web-design masterpiece on our list features thousands of inspirational pages set to music by Margi Harrell, all of which can be found at (It’s "Harrell" spelled backwards. Get it?) If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, or if you want to send everyone in your address book a religious poem set to music, this is the place for you, and apparently close to 2 million people just like you.

Like I said, I don’t always understand the Internet. But now I think I have a better understanding of how network shows like JAG can stay on the air.

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