Technorati Holding Its Ground Against Google

Hitwise recently released data claiming that Google Blog Search surpassed Technorati in market share of US Internet visits during the week ending 12/23/06. The report found its way on to many prominent insight sources (GigaOM, Battellemedia, and Techcrunch), but did not align with Compete data. We wanted to share our observations before anyone starts shorting Technorati.

To the point"¦. Based on Compete data, Technorati continues to hold a significant lead on Google within Blog Search.

Weekly page views tells the same story.

All pundits agreed on two things.

  • Google Blog Search’s recent traffic increase was closely associated with a prominent link to Google Blog Search which was added to the Google News Homepage in October.
  • Google appears to have superior search technology (surprise surprise).

However, neither of these factors has propelled Google past the incumbent service of Technorati.

Compete is working to add "˜subdomain’ analysis to its free SnapShot service to allow our users to proactively conduct their own analysis on vertical services offered by Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.. In the future you won’t have to wait for the Compete Blog team to get a second opinion.

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