Compete's New Years Resolution: Help Mother Earth

Today is the day we all decide to become better people. It’s the day we take inventory of our lives and decide on one thing we can change to improve our health/happiness/career/etc. Today is when we declare our New Year’s resolution.

At Compete we have decided to help Mother Earth. After watching An Inconvenient Truth — a film by Al Gore explaining the dangers of the rising planetary climate – the picture became very clear — as a society we need to change.

The film affected many of us and many of us have begun altering aspects of our lives to help protect the planet, but we all need to make small adjustments. The problem is that not enough people are being reached with the right information.

Over the last five years traffic to leading green sites have doubled, yet still attract less than 250K people a month. This penetration translates to a mere 0.08% of the U.S. population checking in on our core environmental issues each month.

The release of An Inconvenient Truth lead to a surge in traffic to its site (, but after peaking at 340,566 visitors in June, the site attracted just 71K visitors in November. There simply are not enough people learning about the core issues and discovering ways to adjust their lifestyles to help save our planet.

So what’s the solution? If the former Vice President can’t reach enough people, who can? strives to help people live healthier lives. The site focuses on diet, exercise, personal care products and, of course, the planet. The chart above illustrates that Lime is growing quickly and surpassed the half million visitor mark in November. By focusing on the individual Lime indirectly promotes what is also healthy for the planet. is more yuppie than hippie, but anything that helps people participate in the preservation of our planet is a good thing.

I invite our readers to find one thing they can adjust in their life to help preserve the planet. You might be surprised how easy this can be. Click here to see 10 Things You Can Do.

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