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Doritos Grabs Early Lead in Consumer-Generated Big Game Ads

When I think of the Big Game I think of three things — pigs in a blanket, $5.00 squares, and big-budget TV ads. And while many eyes are on what Bob Parsons is go-daddy go-ing to do this year, I am most fascinated by the new consumer-generated campaigns from Doritos, Chevrolet and the NFL itself. These new campaigns are turning over the advertising reigns to consumers; I can’t help but vs. The S&P 500

Last week Stephen DiMarco posted some impressive examples of how Compete data could be used to track transaction data across multiple retailer sites. While I’m sure daytraders and hedge fund managers found the information fascinating, maybe even profitable, I’m not sure it can help someone like me. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a buy and hold kind of guy when it comes to investing. In fact

Top Online Dating Sites in December 2006

The holiday season is supposed to be a time when people come together. But for lonely singles, it can also highlight the fact that they are, well, lonely and single. Whether it’s for a New Years date, a resolution to finally find a soul mate, or even pressure from family to settle down, online dating services see a ramping up of activity, starting around Christmas. How does this trend look,

Xbox 360 Wins the Holiday Battle, But Nintendo's Wii Positioned to Win the War

For many people this past holiday season, a next-generation video game console was the must have gift. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 enjoyed a breakout sophomore year, outselling both the Wii and the PS3 combined during the holidays. The latter, of course, faced major supply shortages leaving one to only wonder how many additional units Nintendo and Sony might have sold if sufficient quantities were available to meet demand. The following chart

Beckham Triples Visitors To Major League Soccer

America is about to welcome arguably the most well-known athletic superstar in the world. The 31 year old former England captain, David Beckham, recently signed a five year contract with LA Galaxy worth $250M. His current contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30th, but Beckham is not expected to join LA Galaxy before August. We explored to what extent Bechkam’s presence will increase soccer interest in the U.S.. The

Top-20 Websites: Where DO we spend our time online?

Update: Click here for January 2007 Update Time is a limited resource.. As much as we hate to admit it, we each only have 24 hours on any given day to ‘do things’. In December 2006, we had 44,640 minutes to do whatever our hearts desired "” be it sleep, eat, watch TV, jump rope, or spend time online. Since we each have a fixed amount of time in a

"Total Access" helps Blockbuster finally emerge as a credible competitor; catching up with Netflix quickly

The once lopsided battle between Netflix and Blockbuster has become more interesting and competitive of late. During the final three months of 2006, Blockbuster emerged as a credible competitor after finally figuring out how to use its brick and mortar stores to its advantage. Blockbuster was years late and millions of dollars short when it unveiled Blockbuster Online in 2004. Since then it has struggled mightily to imitate Netflix’s success

Buy or Sell: Top Retailers Q4 Online Sales Results

After six months of steady gains, Q4 earnings season is upon us. This means that message boards are aflutter with insider tips about which retailers knocked the ball out of the park in Q4 and which ones, well, whiffed. Over the course of the last three weeks, people went to the finance forums at Yahoo!, MSN or AOL more than 6 million times to get the scoop on what to

What Sites Are People Researching on

A few quick facts for you: 75: The number of days has existed 150,000: Visitors to 300,000: SnapShot views requested since launch 40,000: Unique domains that have been analyzed on SnapShot 40,000 domains!!! As you can imagine, we asked ourselves, "what sites are people researching the most" — below are the Top 10 most analyzed domains on SnapShot. Top Requested SnapShots at TJ’s Comments  Check out

Stickam is the new MySpace?

If you have not logged into, it’s probably because you are not a teenager. The New York Times recently reported that Stickam, a new social networking site, has around 50,000 registered users who are between the ages of 14 — 17. For those that are not familiar with Stickam, it is essentially MySpace with Web cameras. Members converse with friends and potential friends via real time video feeds. Obviously

Are Consumers Ready (To Pay) For The iPhone?

From the desk of Compete’s Wireless practice. With a first glance at holiday shopping behavior, there seems to be a fertile opportunity for the much anticipated iPhone. With over 33% of all wireless phones now being music enabled, Compete found that holiday interest in music phones made up over 53% of all December cellphone shopping interest. There were just over 3 million total music phone shoppers in December, and almost