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Zune vs. iPod: 2006's Goliath vs. Goliath

Much like a social network, the recently launched Microsoft Zune needs active users to reach its potential. Unfortunately for the Zune, these users have to be physically close in order to connect. As a result, Zune’s biggest competitive advantage (wireless music sharing) relies on mainstream adoption in order to be an advantage at all. So how is Microsoft’s newest product playing out? Looking at online retail demand, the Zune was

Paparazzi 2.0: They have pictures, we have clicks

It’s not all about search engine market share, conversion rate, campaign tracking, product demand, etc., etc. at Compete. We also enjoy looking into the clickstream crystal ball to see what’s going on in popular culture. On the heels of Britney Spears’ well "documented" birthday stunt, we were curious who was garnering all the attention in Hollywood land. We looked at and measured which celebrity on its Top Ten list

November data has been released on SnapShot

We just wanted to let you know that November data is live on SnapShot. Crossing the Digital Divide

Recently, has implemented an offline media campaign to get people to use their search engine. The question is "did it work?" Cutting right to the chase the answer is a whole hearted "maybe, but it sure was expensive." Let’s start at the highest level and work our way down to the details. If you trend IAC’s spending on against the number of unique visitors to the site you

Since you asked: Compete vs Alexa

“Finally, Competition for Alexa.” – Liz Gannes, “I find them more accurate for US sites than Alexa, and a lot easier to read.” – Howard Morgan, WayTooEarly – First Round Capital “New FREE ranking system better then Alexa by far.” – Markus Frind, CEO of “The accuracy of Compete vs Alexa has convinced me to switch.” – Rogelio Choy, Let me be blunt Many people have cheered Compete’s

Sunnyvale and Mountain View…so close, yet so far

According to Google Maps Sunnyvale and Mountain View California are 3.0 miles apart. Oddly enough according to Yahoo Maps they are 2.9 miles apart. Yet despite the estimated mileage they both claim it takes 6 minutes to drive from Sunnyvale to Mountain View. So that means the folks at Yahoo are averaging about 29 MPH and the folks at Google are averaging about 30 MPH. Based on the web search

Top 20 Websites: Who's In, Who's Out

DIGG THIS POST Key observations: In October, there were exactly 20 domains with over 20 million unique visitors. This is it. The elite of the elite! There is a gap of *33 million* unique visitors between #3 AOL and #4 MSN. Name a website that gets between 80-100 million unique visitors a month? Trick question. There are none! The top 3 domains – Yahoo, Google and AOL – are truly

What can we learn about Southwest Airlines based on Compete data

Our readers are familiar with Compete’s ability to measure traffic and interaction across the internet. Compete’s clients are well aware of how to leverage this data to predict demand for specific automobiles, financial services and wireless products, but what about travel? We all research our vacations online, most of us book our flights and hotels online, so it seems logical Compete can predict travel demand across airlines and hotels"¦ but,

Google loses a battle "¦ but it may be the beginning of the end for the war

Last Tuesday, Google quietly announced it had lost a small battle. Google announced on the official Google Blog that they would be shutting down Google Answers. This seemed to pain a few people over at the Googleplex as it was one of the original products to come out of Google Labs. However, there were no sad faces in the next town over in Sunnyvale. In fact it appears Yahoo may

Xbox 360 Launch 2.0

DIGG THIS POST Q: How does one make a year old video game system more interesting to consumers than the ones that just launched? A: Mark it down 66%! On Thanksgiving, Amazon offered a limited number of Xbox 360 core system’s for $100 — 2/3rd off retail price. Amazon’s promotion was so popular that the site ran at a snails pace for a full 40 minutes as deal hunters slammed

YouTube vs. MySpace Engagement

MySpace and YouTube are the two top sites where people participating in the web 2.0 revolution have chosen to hang out (literally and figuratively). The amazing growth of these social-networking phenoms was initially driven by consumer-generated content and the communities built up around that content. The question we wanted to answer: Which site engages people more? One useful engagement measure we looked at was time spent per session. MySpace has