Dieting in 2007

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of another year. It’s ever harder to believe we’ve gained that much weight. If I have any chance of fitting into last year’s swimsuit I need to act fast. So once again it’s time to join millions of fellow fatties as we make the annual New Year’s Resolution to lose the holiday poundage.

If this year follows the trends we’ve observed in the past we should see a pretty big spike at diet sites come January. For instance, dieting powerhouse typically shows a huge increase in January followed by a smaller bump in autumn. A similar trend seems to be emerging at, where the company’s strategy of marketing to men has boosted visits and sales in the past year.

A few years ago the Atkins diet was all the rage, and bakers nationwide were quaking in their pastry hats. But as adherents began to miss their carbohydrates, interest in the diet soon waned, and the company that promoted the diet eventually filed for bankruptcy.

More recently the South Beach Diet has gained attention thanks in part to its popularity among Hollywood celebrities. Does this diet have long term prospects? Time will tell, and January’s traffic to may predict whether it will join the ranks of Weight Watchers or experience an Atkins-like fall from grace. All I know is that my weight chart better start experiencing a downward trend.

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